The Wild Geese Mercenary is dead

Michael Hoare widely known as Mad Mike has passed on in a South African care facility. Believed to be a merciless mercenary, Michael was born in India and played a major role in the 1960s Congo campaigns. In 1981 he received a jail term for his alleged roles in Seychelles attempted coup.

Michael served initially as a British Army major during the World War II, he started working as an accountant operating a number of businesses around south Africa. He met Moise Tshombe in 1961 who later rose to the position of prime minister in Congo. Given his relationship with Mr Tshombe, he was tasked with dealing with the growing Simba Rebellion. Together with his mercenary unit “Wild Geese” was known globally. He spent his last years in a South African care facility, his final years releases include the Road to Kalamata, Mercenary and the Seychelles Affair.

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