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Solar energy

A while back, Solar Energy used to be the most affordable and readily available source of power particularly in rural areas. Now days, despite penetration of alternative sources of energy and price competition, solar energy is gaining eminence than before. A lot of people are now champions of green energy and want to be part of the efforts towards environmental protection. Major companies such as Google and Facebook are turning to Solar energy to power their data centers so as to reduce the amounts of carbon emissions to the atmosphere. With this basis therefore, there is need to look at the insights that will assist you get yourself the best solar panel option in terms of quality, cost, accessories and industry experience.

Getting the right solar panel for your home, office or company is often a difficult task. We currently have over 200 solar panel brands in the market globally with new brands still coming up. This article presents the best brands that you should consider when looking out for a solar panel solution. Out of Solar panels manufacturers, below are the top ten brands are deemed as the best currently in the market.

  1. LG energy
  2. SunPower
  3. REC
  4. Q cells
  5. Winaico
  6. Trina Solar
  7. Jinko Solar
  8. Canadian Solar
  9. SunTech
  10. LONGi Solar
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From experiences and user reviews, LG, SunPower and Panasonic make the best quality Solar Panels. This is based on their industry experience, competitive pricing, high efficiencies and after sales services provided. LG for instance combines reliability with durability with top notch protection at affordable prices making it probably the best option in the market.

Best Solar panel technology uses monocrystalline solar cells that are made of silicon crystals. This makes them more effective in converting solar energy to electricity, this is further enhanced by the sleek black tint used by LG. The drawback of this technology is pricing when compared to polycrystalline technology which again is less effective in terms of energy conversion.

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