We did in-depth market research and analysis on many vacuum cleaners for bamboo floors and found that LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 10-in-1is the best cleaner for bamboo floors. The vacuum is designed to leave your floor free of germs and bacteria. It is incredibly lightweight, and you can easily move it over the floor without leaving scratch or scuff marks. The steam mop makes cleaning easy for as it wets and dries the floor in seconds. The vacuum also allows for the steam level to be adjusted from high to medium to low and this helps protect your bamboo floor.

Top-Rated Best Cleaner for Bamboo Floors

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 10-in-1: Best for Bamboo Floors

The LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 10-in-1 vacuum cleaner is perhaps the Best Cleaner for Bamboo Floors that was created to leave your floor spotless clean. It comes with specially designed washable mop pads to allow steam to penetrate easily. According to customer reviews the mop pads are soft to glide over the floor easily, and this also prevents them from leaving scratch or scuff marks on the floor. It features three adjustable steam modes to suit your preferences, and it leaves the floor dry within seconds of cleaning. It is super light and easy to use. The vacuum also comes with additional features to satisfy all your daily cleaning needs around the house

Quiet and easy to use
It comes with soft and washable mop pads to protect the floor
It has three adjustable steam modes
The functions are a bit confusing

Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop Premium

When looking for another good vacuum cleaner for bamboo floors, Bona Hardwood Floors Spray Mop Premium is an excellent choice. It comes with a soft removable microfiber pad to protect your floor and which is machine washable. The vacuum also comes with a refillable cartridge for holding cleaning solutions for your floor. the vacuum handle is covered with foam to provide a comfortable grip. The base plate is large to clean more area in a short time. The vacuum comes with a retractable hook for you to store it in an upright position. You can also trust the quality of this vacuum as it is designed to last.

Safe to use on floors
Removable cleaning pad
Foam-covered handle
Large base plate for faster cleaning
There have been complaints about the cartridge leaking

Inhouse Dust Cleaner Set

The high rating this cleaner means that it does an excellent job at cleaning. It has a telescoping handle to ensure you do not strain and it made of stainless steel for longevity. The dust mop features a turning head to make it easy to maneuver. It comes with two microfiber pads: one for dusting and another for mopping to remove all dirt from the floor. The pads are strong and durable, and they protect your bamboo floor from scratches and scuffs .they are held securely onto the head, so you don’t have to about it flying off while cleaning. The dust mop is high-quality and easy to use, and you can use it at any time.

Washable cleaning pads
Telescoping handle
High quality
Easy to maneuver
The pads will need to be replaced over time

SharkNinja Rocket DuoClean HV382 Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is another best Cleaner for Bamboo Floors. Use the soft brushroll on your floor to remove all dust and dirt and leave it with a polished look. The vacuum has a lift-away feature and a swivel head to make it easy to maneuver. The floor nozzle has LED lights to allow you to see all the dirt on the floor and it comes with a hair removal tool to remove pet hair from the floor. The vacuum is lightweight and easy to use, and its solid construction means you will use it for a long time. The power cord is long to allow you to clean multiple rooms without pausing to move the plug.

The lift-away feature makes it easy to maneuver
Easy to use
The vacuum is not self-standing

Best-Recommended Floor Cleaners

Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill 128oz

We all want our floors to shine, and Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner does exactly that for floors. The solution removes all dirt, dust, and grime from floors while protecting them from getting ruined due to harsh chemicals. Bona hardwood floor cleaner dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about slipping due to a wet floor. The cleaner leaves no filmy residue, and it will leave your floor looking new for years. It is non-toxic and scent-free so you can use it around your family and pets, and the cleaner comes ready to use, so you do not need to dilute it.

Bam-Brite Bamboo Floor Cleaner Concentrate 25oz

This cleaner is specifically designed for bamboo floors. The concentrate is infused with green apple scent, and it is non-acidic and non-toxic making it safe for the floor, and you can also use it around children and pets.  Bam-Brite Floor Cleaner Concentrate can be used as a refill for the Bam-Brite Floor Cleaner spray. It does not foam to allow you to clean efficiently and it leaves no film residue or streaks behind. For this floor cleaner, a little goes a long way so you will use it for a long time. Use it with a mop with microfiber pads for best results.

Cleaning Tips for Bamboo Floors


Make sure that you remove all dust and dirt from the floor before any other cleaning is done. The best way to do this is by using a vacuum that is designed for hardwood floors. This type of cleaning needs to be done on a daily basis to maintain the floor’s shine and to prevent the dirt from scratching the floor. If the vacuum cleaner is not available, you can simply use a broom and a dustpan.

Cleaning Mop

You should clean your bamboo floor with microfiber pads and mops. For better and safer cleaning experience use a mop which sprays a cleaning solution in small or wide quantities. This way your floor will maintain its luster for a long time.

Floor cleaners

If you cannot access floor cleaners specifically made for bamboo floors, you can go for hardwood floor cleaners since these are also safe. Make sure that the cleaner has a neutral pH because acidic cleaners will damage the bamboo floor.

Keep it dry, always.

Wipe away water and any liquid spills using an absorbent cloth to prevent it from penetrating the floor as this may cause stains. Bamboo flooring may be strong, but they can very easily get damaged by water. In case of sticky spills do not rub the cloth on the floor because this will spread the stain. You should instead you should dab at the spill so it can get absorbed right where it is.

Use absorbent doormats

Make sure that all entrances, especially from the kitchen, bathroom, and outside have doormats. These will help to remove dirt, absorb all the water moisture to keep the bamboo floor clean and dry at all times.

Lift all furniture

Dragging furniture across bamboo flooring will cause them to scratch and leave scuff marks on the floor. In case of scuff marks dip a rag in a mixture of cleaner for wood floors and elbow grease and use it to remove the scuffs.


It is recommended that you have different footwear for indoors and outdoors. Shoes from outside may carry little particles which may scratch the floor. Having different footwear also ensures that the floor is always clean.

Bottom Line

Bamboo floors are an excellent choice for your floor, but they also need a lot of care for them to maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time. With the right kind of vacuum and cleaning such as we have mentioned above you can be sure that your bamboo floor will always look good.

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