October 26, 2021


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Devine, Vietnam at 24 Frames a Second

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This film specifically characterizes the mission of Willard as a hypocrisy epitome. Within several instances of mass deaths, the United States military is totally wasting its resources killing one of its eminent military personnel. We may also thing that Kurtz might have been retarded mentally, we are not certain why assassinating him is a matter of urgent concern when the United States military and Vietnamese citizens are perishing Devine says that Apocalypse now reiterate them and questions the behavior of the US. Furthermore, the United States troops appear to promote killings in the war, as shown by the assignment of Willard, we are left asking questions as to why Kurtz is rebuked for murdering two persons who might as well been working against the US. There are several instances of hypocrisies in this story. After the assassination of the peasant from Vietnam in the sampan, he recalls that they would cut them off in the middle using machine guns then give them Band Aids which was surely a lie.

This film is much more important in the sense that it is a masterpiece. For sure for several years that come it would still stand, it is a grave and grand and insanely motivated filmmaking gesticulate of instances that are great in their scope and style together with of other instances so unvoiced that we can almost get the thoughts of the film director. It is such skill and fascination that I believe made the writer chose to place this film it its own chapter.

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There are several aspects that we should be looking for in this chapter but most importantly the ironies that came along the Vietnamese war specifically and generally imperialism of the west. We should also be looking at the revelations of the injustices that resulted from the war instigated by the United States under the umbrella of freedom and democracy. Finally we may look at the destructions and killings that came as a result of the involvement of the United States. Rather than assisting the citizens that were innocent, the US troops terminated their lives.

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