The Comedy of Errors

I watched the Comedy of errors by William Shakespeare on April 14th at the P2 Black box theater. The play is about the harsh bad relationships between cities and what their citizens go through at the hands of the other. This situation is made worse when the victim Egeon feels he deserves the penalty has he has no reason to live owing to his family misfortunes before. The situation is changed when he reunites with his family in the Forbidden City. The ended up all reuniting in happiness after Egeon found his two sons as well as the two other sons sold to him before.

I feel that the story paints a picture of how humans can be so inhuman so as to gift a dead penalty to people just for visiting and not committing any real crimes. The play was worth watching for me I had a good time more so to enrich my English vocabulary as well as watch the emotional moments in the play.

The acts were somehow drama give the stage acts, I felt bad for previously judging people on their faces without really understanding their situations. I felt emotional and pitied Egeon for what life has taken him through. The subject matter still applies today especially to peace keepers to understand what the citizens in nations who are at war each other go through. The acts did a convincing job, the attire as well as the background music brought out themes of the play quite well. I was convinced well enough, the silence in the theater made it easy for me to hear all the acts.

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