Mango Tree

Step 1: Get some ripe mangoes because the seed within the husk should be mature enough to grow into a healthy plant.

Step 2: Cut away the Mango’s flesh to expose the seed husk inside. Seed sowing can be done across the year, though June to September is the most ideal time.

Step 3: Ensure to remove all the pulp from the husk and allow them to dry for 1 to 3 days in the sun depending on the strength of the sun.

Day 3

Step 4: With the help of a sharp object, cut the edge of the husk carefully, so as to open it without causing any damage to the seed inside.

Step 5: To germinate the seeds, create a mixture of 70 % garden soil and 30 % compost manure.

Step 6: Take 6-inch diameter pots with 8 inches depth. Remember to create some drainage holes at the bottom.

Step 7: Cover the drainage holes of the container before transferring the soil mixture, use small stones that will allow water to drain evenly without losing the soil.

Step 8: Fill 75% of the pot with the soil mix

Step 9: Press down the soil with your hand to remove any air gaps

Step 10: Now place the mango seed in the middle of the pot and press it down gently.

Step 11: Cover the seed with a 1-inch layer of the same soil mix. Press the soil with your hand gently to make proper seed to soil contact.

Step 12: Water the potting mix thoroughly. and Keep the pot in a bright spot away from direct sunlight, preferably under a shed.

Step 13: Water the pot whenever the soil begins to dry up. Keep the soil a little moist at all times for easy and quick seed germination.

The mango seeds will germinate after 6-8 days.

Step 14: When the Mango plants are 75 to 90 days old or when they are 3-4 feet tall, they can be transplanted to the ground for final planting.

Step 15: Choose a location that receives 5-8 hours of direct sunlight

Step 16: Make a hole on the ground slightly bigger than the size of the pot, make sure the hole is deep and wide enough to hold the plant’s root system.

Step 17:Put some nitrogen-rich compost/fertilizer at the bottom of the hole to boost foliage growth

Step 18: Now fill in loose dirt around the roots until the hole is filled, and pat the soil down to eliminate any gaps.

Water the plant and keep the soil slightly moist as the plant becomes established

Mango trees planted from the seed will normally take 4-5 years to produce fruits. If you need early fruits, it’s better to graft your plant or buy grafted plants.

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