October 27, 2021


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How to get rich

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How to get rich is a book written by Felix Dennis who is one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs informs readers that getting rich is not a simple task. When reading through the book, there are cases where one might get de-motivated and perhaps give up. But where one does not feel motivated, it’s an indication that you really will learn how to get rich. Felix Dennis recites his stories of troubles and hardships. He also highlights the importance of being a predator and fearless. As opposed to other writers who lie of how easy it is to get rich, Dennis actually tells the truth that chances are high of one not making it and that it’s tough and there is a price one must pay.

Main takeaways

It’s not easy to get rich

If you desire to get rich, face the hardships and pay the price as opposed to believing that wanting to be rich alone is sufficient to get the riches to come. It’s important to take time to think about all the people we know who desired to be rich and how they fared on or whether they made it or not. Becoming rich takes time and effort, one might be forced to become a slave for a while before achieving something to show for it. Failure is also part of success, it is important to keep going even when the situation gets tougher.

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One might have to go through a lot of pain and do lots of work when starting. There is also a chance that you will get lucky on your first venture, let it not be a source of pride and instead prepare for ugly jobs. There is need to even build a positive culture of endurance while on the process of getting rich. Most people around you will often dampen your spirits. There are so many hurdles and negative energies, with some even attempting to halt you in the process. Nevertheless, it’s important to always remember that getting rich is not easy and most people do not have the talent to give them the shortest path to success. Hence, hard work is always crucial in our endeavors.

Become a predator

Getting rich is not for the fain hearted. It’s for persons who are strong and determined to realize their goals regardless of the circumstances. One must be sure in themselves that they are going to succeed in the long run. One must take advantage of all opportunities acting like a predator. And be able to protect and guard your goals with all the strength in you.

Many rich people have different levels of physical abilities and intelligence. Regardless of that, they behave like predators especially where they have committed themselves to something. It’s evident from their eyes how determined they are. Their presence may not even be that intimidating. To become a predator, one must put behind all their doubts. Pledge themselves to being richer people and prepare oneself to overwhelming challenges regardless of how complex they are. Obstacles will definitely come your way regardless of the amount of wealth one has. Such challenges are out to filter out those who have no determination. Predators will keep rising up and struggling. They strive to always win and not just achieving success.

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Richness does not care about backgrounds

Richness and money is the biggest equalizer. It does not base on level of education, upbringing, gender or neighborhood. Provided that one works hard and commit yourself in what you do, money will always come. The more people you serve or products you sell, the more the money and the more rich you get. Some people are also born lucky while many do not have such privileges. Nevertheless, everybody can still work their way to richness. Consequently, we should strive for success and defend what we have obtained using all means necessary. Richness can only be attained through hard work and all those wishing to be rich must adopt the attitude of a predator. It is also encouraging to note that we all can achieve our goals regardless of our upbringings or background.

Key takeaways

The book is quite different from many resources available online on how to get rich. It deals with reality and focuses on the horrible aspects of getting rich. Through my readings, there are many instances where I felt demoralized, but as I went deeper, I felt as if I knew it all about richness. There are those who had luck in their paths to richness, and in many cases we are tempted to dream about overnight successes. Behind all these successes is an attitude of hard work. Most of those who we think became rich overnight actually went through years of hard work.

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